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Sample LIS publications
LIS guidance note on self assessment
LIS exemplar position statement on equality and diversity
Inter-relationship between QI and SAR cycles
LIS guidance note on SSAs at tier 1 and 2
LIS Apprenticeship Progress Review Diamond
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What you have said about us



What you have said about your experience of the Learning Improvement Service

“The feedback given to staff after being observed by Phil has really motivated them to improve. He was able to give clear guidance on how weaker aspects of teaching could be turned into strengths. Phil clearly has a deep understanding of best practice in the sector which he applied to what he saw in our college. His written report gave me a clear overview of where our teaching and learning was and is the most useful document I have ever read from a consultant as it gave us a clear agenda of what was needed in order to move us forward”. 

Recently appointed GFE College Principal

“Ofsted have lost a very knowledgeable inspector in Phil. He has shown us he knows how to apply his knowledge to offer improvement advice that is spot on in helping us improve what we do. He was able to introduce us to two other colleges and an apprenticeship provider who had good practice in the areas where we struggled and that has really benefitted us”.

Director of Teaching and Learning, Sixth Form College

“What Phil does not know about best practice in delivering apprenticeships isn’t worth knowing. He has helped us understand how to make the most of reviews so that both our apprentices and their employers know what they have to do in order to succeed. He keeps things simple and relevant”. 

Chief Executive of an Independent Learning Provider

“How very useful yesterday's training was, thank you. Very often events we attend rely heavily on participant input (for their ideas), with the trainer saying little, and the result is insufficient new information. For me the day was excellent, thank you”.  

Beacon College Academic Standards Manager